Born equal

Never treated the same

Even he did the fault

She was to blame

She wanted to fly

Society called her a shame

With a soul full of fire

Now lost her flame.

But she returned like a shark

Like a fire from the spark

She fought like the bold

World needed to be told

Neither her wish to rule the world

Nor like goddess to be prayed,

Treat her like a human

Not an object to be played.

Discover Peace



Suddenly woken

Deeply broken

For the peace of mind

Left everything behind

Family, wealth, he wanted none

Journey began in search of one

Visited all God, searched all around

Nowhere in the world, was peace found

Midnight moonlight, appeared a bright light

In wonder he saw, the most beautiful sight

His caring wife, his playing son

A lovely daughter, having so much fun

For peace he tried, beyond horizon he eyed

He looked so wide, but never looked inside.



The Warrior

Sword in his hand, fire in his breath

Blood in his nerves, never feared even death

In the name of courage, for the sake of power

To win the world, he waged the war

Sometimes for religion, sometimes for God,

Sometimes he never knew, whom he was fighting for

Sunk in his blood, he fell on the floor

 Before he was crushed, she opened the door


 Unseen beauty, unfelt touch

Intense light, never seen as such

His Ears turned deaf, his vision got blurred

She took the warrior, to her beautiful world

The flowers the butterflies, the clouds the skies

The sunset the rainbows, the wind the snows

The birds the bees, the river and the trees

His blood soaked, his wounds healed

Love was her name, she revealed.

The Wish

One night under the sky, a beautiful star broke by

How could they miss, to make universe a wish

She asked for angel to play, he asked for an angel to stay

No matter what they do, wishes never come true

Time flied, hope died or breaking star always lied


Are their wishes fake, or stars never break

May be she is his angel and he is her light

And she is the wish he asked that night

No one can ever know what you are going through

Perhaps you are seeking someone who is seeking you.


When he turned eight, he tried the kiss of the fate

Out of love he wrote, her name on a paper boat

Let it flow to his queen, let his heart be seen

For princess he would sing, pretending to be a king

Years of drizzling came, but it never rained the same

Perhaps his heart was made to shrink

Perhaps his boat was designed to sink.

Somewhere else in the rain, she was loving her pain

For hours she would stand, with his boat in her hand

She knew from where it came, she knew who loved her name

Till when would the universe hold, this love to be kept untold

Should they wait a few more years

Should rain shed a few more tears

 Or, let them be afloat, together on a boat.

Let Her Go

When I turned five by age, my father gifted a bird in cage

All exalted by beauty of bird, the real grief was never heard

I tried to talk, to feed, to play, all night and day

In cage she would lie as if it was better to die

Saw a herd in the sky, realized she too wanted to fly

Ran all down to the floor, just to open her door

 The hope turned into freedom, and wings set for the mile

She perched on my shoulder, her chirpings met with my smile

The moment felt so divine, was it her freedom or mine

Do we need to part, for our love to grow?

Should I hold her hand or let her go?

Should a Soldier Die

Why should we kill for the peace of our land

How are we heroes with blood on our hand

In the name of the country, should a soldier die

Or the theory of nation was itself a lie

Crazy things happen when two souls collide

No one knows what to reveal and what to hide

They let all flags be high and all hatred be torn

In the mid of war, love was born.

Heal Indonesia

I was like you before I was shaken

With dreams with love with family and a tomorrow

None of them stayed only carcasses of sorrow

Buildings into remains, emotions into pains

Either my prayers were flawed or he was no god

For my hope can’t be killed, I will begin to rebuild

 Strength would redeem, mould debris into dream

But I can never retrieve what these storms have taken

I was like you before I was shaken.

Smile of Syria

When you inhale the gunpowder instead of fragrance of your love

When you taste the flaming families instead of roasted chickens

If you could ever realize how much we pay to spend a day

If you could ever decide to visit our side

I promise to make you walk along my mile

Just tell your world to return my smile.

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