Existential Crisis

I have no right to take my life if it is not given by me, but I have absolute right to take my life because it is my life after all – Perplexity

Imagine very few people on the planet with large empty landscape but full of bounties of nature, rivers, mountains, sunshine and forests. Humans could watch kilometers till the dead end of horizon. Far you see , more your heart expands and bigger will be your thought circle. So you will wonder about stars, clouds and will make an attempt to understand the surroundings. This will lead to the birth of science , astronomy , agriculture, wheels and ultimately a civilization.

But it won’t be one. There will be many civilizations and now instead of looking beyond mountains , humans will now look at others’ civilizations. Differences in them will bear jealousy and a desire of acquiring the better life will start prevailing. It will lead to wars and bloodshed but the word evolution and development will overshadow all the wrong doings.

Now the civilization will grow large and people will not look on other civilizations but on people of their own civilization and compare their lives with each other. Closer you look, more your heart shrinks and less the radius of your thoughts would be. Now humans will create bigger buildings than the nearby has, wear better clothes, own more vehicles, possess more property, everything more than the nearby has but forget they have left no space to look up and world will look down and walk.

Radius of thought will be confined to the humans themselves now and they will look at themselves, their looks, physical personality and try to seek for better mode of pleasure but will always find a solitude, loneliness, anxiety and will look for cure in medicines, counselling, tours away from the crowd, uncontrolled use of social media, introspection and many more mundane methods.

At the very end, circle of thought will be too small, heart cannot shrink any further , humans cannot look too deep and the value of existence will disappear. There will be no love for the life itself. Pain will be immense. Mind will start a chain reaction of uncontrolled and disturbing thoughts , leading to the existential crisis.

To be or not to be won’t be the question, not to be will be the only answer.


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