Sustaining Creation

The day that man allows true love to appear, those things which are well constructed will fall into confusion and will overturn everything we believe to be right and true- Divine Comedy

Somebody has truly said that if you can not define something within a line, write a book on it. Consequently myriad books with indefinite explanations about love has been written although people are still seeking the true meaning of it. Let me add one more drop to the ocean.

Imagine a number of balls of needle’s hole size suspended in space under indefinite pressure and temperature which explodes in different time zones and divides the previously existing space with their own time settings. But the power to customize this setting will remain to an unknown entity who by commonwealth will be named god and by scientist the nature. Now every single material will be the result of the vibrations created by this big bang and they will interweave themselves like knots in bed sheets. But doesn’t matter how tightly or closely they interweave, there will always be space left amongst them though you can’t see it. So we have a bed cover called space having invisible holes which will work like warmholes to help in distorting space as well as time because it makes you travel in another space time.

In parallel lines, we humans like any other creatures are those knots and love , devotion (Bhakti in Hinduism), and knowledge work like warmholes and distort the space time reality. Not considering devotion and knowledge to avoid going too deep, true love makes your spent hours as if too soon, and waiting to see your love for a minute look like an ages. Males were to represent knowledge and females the transformation and their coming together losing all senses were to create wisdom which in physical forms we call it creation. Thus, sex was made a holy act to continue the creation .

But tragedies get in way of celebrations because we are used to create now, but this time not something permitted by god, but our own structures, though comfortable but not compulsory. With increase in structures, will increase the need , then desire , immorality and the human creation will start distorting and manipulating every rule on its own terms. In all these formations, sex will no longer be holy, god will no longer be creator and emotions of the creations will run like wild horses. It will kill its own species, rape them, torture them and invite the doomsday. But they forget, universe is always in a way to correct itself. Either we choose to be a creation and enjoy the beauty of true love or accept a slow death of emotional trauma and genocidal suicide.


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