Unchaining Herself

Within the walls, her world was confined

To serve others, her role was defined

To cook, to wash, to clean, to sweep

 Finding corner, solitarily she would weep

Used, abused, beaten, slapped

Body, soul, shadow trapped

Her ritual of the day, whatever men would say

No one bothered, she died everyday.

When did she break, out of her den

When did she learn, to stand beside the men

How did she know, to gain control over her tears

Was it all of a sudden, or a pain of thousand years

Now she has become, what she had never been

She talks like the king, she walks like the queen

She speaks, she thinks, she craves, she aspires

She dreams, she loves, she works, she desires

But there are thorns, and wolves on the street

There are frightening eyes, not easy to defeat

Will she fall back, will her courage die?

But she has got her wings, she is ready to fly.


Reasons to Survive

Questioning self, the reasons to survive

I realized a few, enough to be alive

To touch, to savor, to love, to feel

To soak in grief, to be wounded to heal

To burst into laughter, to break down in tears

To be afraid of darkness, then to fight your fears

To make mistakes, to fall, then show courage to stand

To be brave to bow, to give someone your hand

To be depressed and trapped, to repent, to mourn

 To resurrect, to relive, to learn to be reborn

So when I leave forever, I leave behind my trace

A few will surely smile, when they remember my face.

She was Sold

No one asked, no one cared, what dreams she carried

A family came to see her; it was her age to be married

She was adorned with silk and loaded with gold

The strangers liked her skin, and her body was sold

Now she would serve her man, but her soul would rust

Her emotions would wither, to sand and to dust

Her childhood would miss, her heart would seek

The boy who stole her lunch, the hands which pulled her cheek

How they would run to the hills, to swing under the tree

They would gaze the sunset, the clouds, still carefree

They would join their hands, and swing up in the sky

The wind would talk of their love, the birds wouldn’t deny

But their love was killed, and wind could feel the despair

Two other kids were swinging now; love was back in the air.

Live Again

What do I want, what do I want to be

Should I be involved, or set myself free

Why to begin, when it has to end

Why try to mend, if everything is penned

So much of struggle, for one more breath

So much of pain, only to avoid death

Whom should I love, whom should I hate

Why any of them, why not just wait.

Wait for the day, when all will be gone

Gone will be me, and my beautiful dawn

The school I went, grounds I played

The girl I loved, the friends I made

Moments I shared, people I cared

How can I leave, so much of beauty behind

Let the heart rule, over this devil mind

Let there be suffering, let there be pain

I want to live more, just to wake up again.

His Poetry

Her sanguine smile to the painful agony

Her melodious voice to the chaotic bitterness

Her promising eyes to the broken souls

Bewitching but enriching, defeating but riveting

Vulnerable he knelt, so deep he felt

She saw the light, universe froze the time

 For she was his poetry, she found her rhyme.

The Demon

An ocean full of love, a girl by his side

Friends like the family, a heart full of pride

But a pocket with the hole, felt crisis in the soul

With need of the penny, he might lose Jenny

Money never comes alone, with demons in the clone

Nothing seemed like sin, neither alcohol, nor other skin

Conscience got so much dust, couldn’t differ love with lust

Cheated all looking into their eyes, demon created his world of lies

Some people reveal, most of them hide

But none can deny, there is a demon inside 

Will he come back, letting his world of lies fall

Or his heart would freeze, destroying love for all.


Born equal

Never treated the same

Even he did the fault

She was to blame

She wanted to fly

Society called her a shame

With a soul full of fire

Now lost her flame.

But she returned like a shark

Like a fire from the spark

She fought like the bold

World needed to be told

Neither her wish to rule the world

Nor like goddess to be prayed,

Treat her like a human

Not an object to be played.

Discover Peace



Suddenly woken

Deeply broken

For the peace of mind

Left everything behind

Family, wealth, he wanted none

Journey began in search of one

Visited all God, searched all around

Nowhere in the world, was peace found

Midnight moonlight, appeared a bright light

In wonder he saw, the most beautiful sight

His caring wife, his playing son

A lovely daughter, having so much fun

For peace he tried, beyond horizon he eyed

He looked so wide, but never looked inside.



The Warrior

Sword in his hand, fire in his breath

Blood in his nerves, never feared even death

In the name of courage, for the sake of power

To win the world, he waged the war

Sometimes for religion, sometimes for God,

Sometimes he never knew, whom he was fighting for

Sunk in his blood, he fell on the floor

 Before he was crushed, she opened the door


 Unseen beauty, unfelt touch

Intense light, never seen as such

His Ears turned deaf, his vision got blurred

She took the warrior, to her beautiful world

The flowers the butterflies, the clouds the skies

The sunset the rainbows, the wind the snows

The birds the bees, the river and the trees

His blood soaked, his wounds healed

Love was her name, she revealed.

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