The Warrior

Sword in his hand, fire in his breath

Blood in his nerves, never feared even death

In the name of courage, for the sake of power

To win the world, he waged the war

Sometimes for religion, sometimes for God,

Sometimes he never knew, whom he was fighting for

Sunk in his blood, he fell on the floor

 Before he was crushed, she opened the door


 Unseen beauty, unfelt touch

Intense light, never seen as such

His Ears turned deaf, his vision got blurred

She took the warrior, to her beautiful world

The flowers the butterflies, the clouds the skies

The sunset the rainbows, the wind the snows

The birds the bees, the river and the trees

His blood soaked, his wounds healed

Love was her name, she revealed.


Existential Crisis

I have no right to take my life if it is not given by me, but I have absolute right to take my life because it is my life after all – Perplexity

Imagine very few people on the planet with large empty landscape but full of bounties of nature, rivers, mountains, sunshine and forests. Humans could watch kilometers till the dead end of horizon. Far you see , more your heart expands and bigger will be your thought circle. So you will wonder about stars, clouds and will make an attempt to understand the surroundings. This will lead to the birth of science , astronomy , agriculture, wheels and ultimately a civilization.

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Girl at the Cliff

From dawn to dusk in the cabin with a desktop and a chair, unwanted lunch at the canteen, I am at stress everyday when I come back and sit down on the sofa in my drawing room. I switch on my television not because I want some entertainment or relaxation, because it just looks different than my computer. I don’t live my life, I live for my life. First word to relate with my life will be “why” because I always wonder why I came on this planet. I am one of them who like to go into depressions because they don’t have courage for suicide, whose white hair is not the symbol of wisdom but of repeated dose of stress, who smoke in chain with an expectation from the next cigarette to relieve complexities of head. In short I am a working man.

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